Virtual Spaces

“Binoculars Bulding”, build in 1991 by the architect Frank Ghery.
In January 2011 it became a property of Google.

Antenna property of AT&T mobile phone 

Mobile security camera

Digital Terrestrial Station
Chanel 5

Google Street Car prototype

Fence Bordering Goggle City, Mountain View.

Antenna property of BT mobile comapany

Google Street View Car damaged


Main Entrance of the new offices of Facebook, Palo Alto, Ca.

Basketball court
Yahoo offices, Mountain View

Antenna property of AT&T mobile phone company

Antennas property of Nextel and AT&T mobile phone companies

Data center, 22.500 m2
Digital Realty Trus Company

Satellite receiver
US Army Reserve Center

Informatics landfill

Palm tree
Mobile phone antenna

Data center, 13.400m2
Vantage Company

New Facebook Headquarters, Palo Alto, Ca.

Palm tree
Mobile phone antenna

Mobile phone antenna

Road security camera

ECS Refining

Google Street View Car porpotype

Youtube Headquarters
Back exit door

Twitter Headquarters
San Francisco, Ca.