God loves everyone :)

I havce so much free time, I don’t know what to do

The amount of abuse I have tolerated in my life is crazy :/

My sister is so lazy

Now I see how Kurt Cobain felt and why he did what he did

Can I get some work please...


The project is about using the information generated by others, turned into emitters, and sent and accumulated in the servers in order to reconstruct its physical context and re-signify the content of the main information of a Tweet. For every 140 characters that we write, Twitter records a great amount of information that we don't know we transmit: data on our profile, about our language and about our geolocation, among others. Through the edition of several tweets, we accessed their geolocation. We went to the exact spot from where the tweet was sent and we photographed the place. By exposing the ease of access to this data, the game allows us to establish a new connection between the virtual information and physical spaces, and the way how one reports of others.