Movimientos de suelo

What is that three photographers travel together to Argentina without a purpose specific photo? Movimientos de suelo is the initial claim of being a project based solely on the mass registration of all kinds of experiences and situations from the simple fact of traveling to take pictures. The final result, however, is the demonstration of a failed mission that not only is incapable of registration of a specific photographic experience but also demonstrates the impossibility of conceptual meaning to a project to obtain, as result, a proposal that presents nothing new, it makes no contribution and can be summarized only as an exercise in imitation and plagiarism of icons already known and shot thousands of times. Perhaps the fact that three photographers travel together to Argentina without a specific photographic purpose served only as a selfish process of exchange, growth and learning. The consequence of this has caused a myriad of movimien-tos de suelo (ground motions).

This is a project made by Juan Diego Valera, Roger Guaus and Aleix Plademunt in Argentina, 2009

We publish the book Movimientos de suelo in 2011 with Ca l’Isidret Edicions. ︎

Later we publish a re-interpretation of this book in 2014, together with Temple gallery (Paris) related with an exhibition at the gallery ︎